Ocean Reef Seaplane Charters

Fly Ocean Reef to Key West via seaplane charter any day of the week and any time of the year with Seaplanes In Key West! Your private seaplane charter to Key West flies the way you want it, on your schedule. You choose the dates and times…. then you fly!

Flights to Key West from Ocean Reef originate right at the Ocean Reef Club Airport. Fly from Ocean Reef to Key West for the day or just even for lunch. Of course you can then fly home as we also fly Key West to Ocean Reef Club, seven days per week and every day of the year. We also fly from every point in the state of Florida to Ocean Reef Club. So, consider flying Miami to Ocean Reef, fly Naples to Ocean Reef, fly Boca Raton to Ocean Reef, fly West Palm Beach to Ocean Reef….and every point in between and beyond all direct to Ocean Reef.

Of course, If you'd like to fly from Ocean Reef to Little Palm Island for lunch instead we do that, too! Seaplanes In Key West can arrange your seaplane charter to Little Palm Island for lunch/brunch or also for dinner or to stay overnight. We know that Ocean Reef is beautiful but everyone needs a great getaway and flying to Little Palm Island from Ocean Reef is just that perfect spot. Call us or email us for details and to arrange your getaway. We manage all the planning and details…so all you need to do is board your seaplane and relax.

If you don't necessarily need a seaplane, we also offer Airplane Charters from Ocean Reef to Key West (so you'll fly in an airplane on wheels, instead of a seaplane on floats if you choose). Consider "Airplane Key West" flights from Ocean Reef Club. We can also fly you to/from Ocean Reef via airplane charter from any point in the state of Florida and beyond. Contact Seaplanes In Key West for information and reservations on all options.

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