Boca Raton Seaplane Charters

Fly Boca Raton to Key West via seaplane charter any day of the week and any time of the year! Your private seaplane charter to Key West flies the way you want it, on your schedule. You choose the dates and times…. then you fly!

Flights to Key West from Boca Raton can start at any point in the Boca area. Fly from Boca Raton Airport (BCT) to Key West or fly from Palm Beach County/Lantana Airport (LNA) to Key West. Of course you can then fly home as we also fly Key West to Boca Raton, seven days per week and every day of the year.

Connect with Seaplanes In Key West at any Boca Raton area airport, big or small. So, if you are flying in by private jet we'll meet you right at Boca Raton Airport. Connecting with is very easy as we are located right at the same airport where you'll be landing. Many people who live in the Boca area also find the the nearby smaller airports such as Lantana (LNA) to be very private and quiet with free parking- it's a great place to start your getaway with Seaplanes In Key West.

Connect with Seaplanes In Key West at the smaller airports if you are arriving by a private jet or simply driving in. Quiet and private, Ft. Lauderdale Executive (FXE) is a smaller airport in the Ft. Lauderdale metro area, often times closer to your home or workplace so be sure to consider this as a starting point if you are starting your trip in Ft Lauderdale. Of course, we also fly Seaplane Charters from Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale from any airport in those cites, big or small.

If you don't necessarily need a seaplane, we also offer Airplane Charters from West Palm Beach to Key West (so you'll fly in an airplane on wheels, instead of a seaplane on floats if you choose). Consider "Airplane Key West" flights. Contact us for information and reservations on all options.

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